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Digital Customer onboarding Process (eKYC)

Paperless KYC process for customer onboarding. Easy front and back-end steps:

  1. ID capture through the use of OCR (optical character recognition), smart card/passport reading
  2. Real-time, automated and highly secure facial sighting
  3. AI (artificial intelligence) assisted and automated checking of identity document (ID) quality
  4. Automated AML/CFT database screening


Compliance First

We meet all the parameters of AML & CFT set by regulators of expatriates’ home and host countries. We shall comply with internal rules & regulations of our partners. Compliance is always in first priority.


API Integration for Real-Time Service

API integration will make it convenient for the user to apply financial products & services and receive up to date statement of their account. We use state of art technology to provide end to end automated process for all stakeholders


Global Marketing Agent

We shall be your global marketing agent to promote your product & services to wide range of expatriates and increase your sales


Who can be our partner?

Any financial (bank/non-bank) or non-financial service providers who would like to sell products or services to expatriates. Our partners are Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment Companies, Mobile Operators, e-Commerce etc.

Our Partners