Who we are.

“My Savings” is a web-based application (with mobile apps) that will facilitate migrants to purchase savings/investment/insurance products offered by FI in their home country. This is to encourage migrants on the culture of savings and investment for productive uses of remittance and financial sustainability. As a pilot project, we target almost 800,000 Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia.

In the second phase, we will target Nepalese and Indonesians working in Malaysia. The project is in the development stage and we are working with a few commercial banks in Asia. This product is considered as a disruptor of conventional retail banking process..

Our Objective:

  • Accelerating migrant contribution to the sustainable development
  • Adding value to cross-border remittance ecosystem
  • Increase financial inclusion and diaspora investment to leverage the impact of remittances
  • Accelerate the impact of Remittance for a secure future for migrants
  • Bringing financial services near to the migrant workers
  • Facilitate migrants to open Bank Account and obtain other financial services from abroad
  • Assist both remittance sending & recipient countries to the culture of E-Transaction and Cashless Society
  • Our target is to reach about 67,000,000 migrants in Asia

Why “My Savings”?

There is no saving scheme or provident fund for expatriate unless someone takes own initiative to save the certain portion of their salary to their bank account at home country. Most of the cases it does not happen to blue color migrants due to lack of financial knowledge or day to day cash demand for family maintenance.

“My Savings” is a kind of savings product where the employer will assist its expat’s employee to remit a certain portion of salary to their Bank account in the respective home country.

It has been noticed that most of the expatriate spend the majority of their earning on family maintenance and there are no savings after the tenure of their working contract. Ultimately, long migrant life does not make any change in the long run and there is no financial security sustain for them. Even though there is an improvement in their expenditure and average life standard, but there is a lack of productive uses of remittance that could improve the financial capacity of migrants.

We have been collaborating with RSPs and Banks to develop the products. We will promote this to the employers and bring them on board

“My Savings” solve the problem of migrants saving. Our innovation is basically creating the opportunity for the migrant workers to save the certain portion of the overseas earning that will consider financial security for their future. They will be able to use that fund for small business or any other scopes to ensure financial sustainability. This will also ensure the use of remittance in better and productive means.

It will be applicable for almost all the source countries of foreign workers. Example Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Philippine etc.

This will be first in kind to think about the provident fund for the migrants. Due to the lack of integration between the stakeholders, there is a gap to maximize the uses of remittance for the migrant’s future and to bring financial solvency in long run. My innovation will be benefitted by all the parties.

  • For Employer- Take care of the employee. Recognize by regulators and other stakeholders
  • Banks- Cash flow. Increase the number of account holders, Cross sales
  • Host Country- Minimal tendency of migrants turn in to illegal (without valid documents). Social security having
  • Migrants- Break the poverty cycle/cycle of insolvency.

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